Didgeridoonas - Tall Cooler

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Didgeridoonas - Tall Cooler
Didgeridoonas - Tall Cooler

A tall drink of water is important on a warm day, but it’s not the best tall drink to be had. The 100% Australian wool insulation will keep your tall and long-necked drinks cool for hours and the handy clip lets you attach the Tall Cooler to a belt, bag, or more.

  • Tough and weather resistant, the Australian oilskin will last, and look damn cool in the process.

  • 100% Australian wool insulation will cool your drinks for hours.

  • Designed to fit long-necked bottles and keep them cooler for longer, the Tall Cooler could fit cans or stubbies too.

  • A metal and leather clip allows the cooler to be fastened to a bag or belt, or just used as a handle.

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